Masquerading and parading – Illusions

I don’t have a problem dressing or thinking outside of the box, as previous posts will attest. Even I, though, was a unsure of how to compliment the fantastical and exceedingly well made items I found at Siyu Suen’s Illusions.

The horse is so wonderfully rendered, each hair seems individual and unique. I haven’t taken off this outfit yet this week. Perhaps this marks beginning of a furry alterego?

Masquerade masks seem to polarise people – you either adore the idea of anonymity and the body’s freedom that comes from stripping all emotion from the face (*hand goes up*) or you are terrified of the little soul sucker hiding behind the mask. But who says soul sucking can’t be fun?

Dark angel is watching you, ready to kick your arse for saying please and thank you. The liberation that came from wearing a shorty catsuit with over-the-knee boots was surprising – my inner dominatrix has made her presence known.

I had a whole enchilada of an outfit to wear with this bracelet, but I find it begs for the ultimate simplicity. I’ve earmarked this set for a LBD and a cocktail.

I love the punky fairy ears and their contrast with the very beautiful red lips. Is it odd that I find wounds and lipstick utterly hot?!

I adored everything I found in Illusions – the vendors were a dream to use, Siyu Suen has incredibly generous store terms and is a lovely person to boot. Off you go now…

Where to buy? Follow on…

Hair | Aden
Skin | Real Skins
Dress & Collar | Kyoot
Tattoos | Atui
Gloves | (DoMoCo)
Flowers | Paper Couture

Hair | Kin
Skin | The GL
Eyes & Nails | Celestial Studios
Catsuit | House of Nyla
Boots | The Abyss

Hair | ETD
Skin | Real Skins
Eyes & Nails | Celestial Studios
Lashes | Cake
Dress | Thimbles
Shoes | Stiletto Moody

Skin | Gala
Briefs | Casa del Shai
Belt | G.L.A.M.

Skin | Tuli
Hair | Armidi
Wounds | Kyoot
Shirt | Sn@tch


~ by Genevieve Lutetia on May 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Masquerading and parading – Illusions”

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  2. Thank you so much! Wow, took me a little to find this, heh, I’ve beenso distracted but I suddenly remembered “oh wait! Genevieve!”

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures, makes me proud to see my pieces so lovingly displayed. Thank you ♥

  3. It was a complete pleasure, Siyu! Glad you liked them, too.

  4. […] Credits over here. […]

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